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Welcome to the Kiddywinks website.  We hope that it gives you a taste of this very special school, and that it will encourage you to visit us to see the school in action for yourself.

Kiddywinks is an International Montessori Kindergarten and a Forest School serving students aged 3 to 5  years in the local and international community. It provides a creative, constructive and investigative approach to learning through the opportunities that the world outside and nature itself offer and thanks to many resources available in our outdoor and indoor spaces. Our commitment to bilingualism and the delivery of a relevant and individual educational programme are at the core of our work. We recognise the unique skills and knowledge required for a complex, rapidly changing world by providing for an holistic approach to learning.  Educating the whole child is fundamental to our approach and our students develop into self-confident, well rounded individuals.
Kiddywinks is guided by international teachers, Forest School practitioners and Montessori qualified teachers. All teaching takes place through balanced English and Italian activities. We are honored to welcome different nationalities amongst our student population.  Our staff represent qualifications and experiences in both Italian and International curricula.
Kiddywinks is truly a unique dynamic school with our children at the centre of all we do. Students are empowered and encouraged to cultivate their natural curiosity, find their passions and interests, and use these as inspiration for their experiences. The welcoming family atmosphere means students quickly build a sense of connection and identity with their school where learning relationships are strong.
The Kiddywinks community is proud of our school and we invite you to explore the pages of this website and look forward to your visit and welcoming you to our community.
“One touch of nature makes the whole world thin” - Shakespear
Our Vision
Kiddywinks is committed to providing a multicultural,loving, inspiring, and supportive place for young children to thrive and develop. In nature-based learning environment children learn and grow through exploration.  As educators and families we aim to  develop the unique potential in each student by honoring the young child's innate curiosity and individual abilities.